Running Java Software under Linux Debian Etch (November 2006)

Christophe Lejeune
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Many thanks to Aurelien Benel for his help
Why this page

I present here the way I managed to run Software distributed as .Jar files (Java) under Gnu Linux, without the Sun Java installed.

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Packages needed to execute a jar file are installed, under by the root (admin) user of the system with the following command.

apt-get install gij  classpath java-gcj-compat  java-gcj-compat-dev 

It is quite possible than not all the dependent file are strictly needed (perhaps the development package are not strictly required)... but this allowed me not to worry too much... and to achieve my purpose, painless.

So, once packages are installed, you can launch, as a conventional user, the following line (replace the underlined name of the Jar package by the one you intend to run).

gij -jar package.jar
About Webstart Applications

This procedure is known to work with Porphyry and Unitex.

Et voilà !