Running WeftQDA under Linux Debian Etch with Wine (September 2006)

Christophe Lejeune
Cette page en français
Many thanks to Alex Fenton for his help

I propose hereunder an option to run Weft-QDA using Wine. Most users will prefer to install Weft-QDA under Debian Linux.
This option is inspired by my (little) wine experience (in French). It supposes a yet-installed instance of Weft-QDA (in this case, under Windoze, on an other partition of the hard drive, on the same computer).
Once Weft-QDA is properly installed under Windoze, simply reboot the computer under Linux. Wine allows you to easily run the software.

$ wine /mnt/ntfs/Program\ Files/WeftQDA/weft-qda.exe
The results appears. You are ready to analyse your text corpus ! weft-qda running

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